Sunday, February 2, 2014

"A Culture of Evil" -Art Exhibition

Myself and a friend attended the opening reception for "A Culture of Evil" -Art Exhibition at school, that was done by our instructor Sarah Nitschke(who was there as well) and another artist. It was only us and then another classmate mate showed up. We took a quick look around first and then asked Sarah about the work and meaning behind the exhibit. She went into great detail and really gave a info to think about relate to the theme of evil in media, society, the rest of world,etc. Even though I thought I had a good perception of what "evil" is, looking at what was on display really opened my eyes to the reality that it is bigger and deeper than I assumed. The media is immerse with the whole concept of evil, society is filled with slurs that are usually used for malicious reasons, and in the world, not only in war, but countries feeling with leaders the killed their innocent in the most inhumane manner. This exhibit was really thought provoking and I learned a lot from it. It help that Sarah was there, hearing her views and getting to know her more as an artist. I did read her artist's statement and got into a discussion with her about my thoughts, which were similar to hers. I'm planning to go back again and look more into a book that was related to the slurs people say in society. I'm interested in seeing the meaning behind some of them and making sure I'm not saying those kinds of words/phrases to anyone I meet on a daily basis.

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