Thursday, October 17, 2013

Website Mock-Up Pages

So I completely change my original  idea(s) for what I wanted my portfolio website to look like and while it's very simple, I think it works for a start. I'm sure that in the future I'll change it again. My previous ideas I scrapped because I made each page on a whim, honestly. I just didn't put a lot of thought into each one.  My group feedback was little, so what was said is just to make sure I fully execute my ideas and change up the design and layout. I really didn't have anything that stood out and the design was very generic and uninspiring. Then after we view some of the mock websites, I decided to start over. I know I could do better and I feel better with what I came up with this time than in the beginning. While I know there's room for improvement, I know these pages represent what I'm aiming more effectively.
Anyway here's what I have so far:

About Page
 Gallery Page
Basically each page in the design aspect will look the same. All the navigation remains on each page, but when the user click on each button, the text enlarges and gets bolder. Then the page will pop up or maybe fade in with the text/images/links relate to the purpose of that page.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Final Piece for Typography in the Environment

Here are some of my images for a latest project. I generally received good criticusm, I just need to go into Photoshop and play with the contrast sightly more, but the finally piece I choose to present turned out pretty well.

Just a recap...I place the letters/word on my windshield, parked, and took pictures from inside the car. I tried shots from different angles, drove around the park so the scenes would different in each picture.

Final image: 

Different angle:
 With someone else driving:
Different area and angle:
 Another image of the parkway:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Milwaukee Film Festival

I really want to check out the Milwaukee Film Festival. Last year I learned the hard way and didn't but tickets ahead of time, so I missed the movie I wanted to see. This year I won't make the mistake if I am able to go.
There is one film I know I won't be able to see due to work, but I hope others will is
"Sign Painters" and here's the synopsis:

"An expressive call to return to the handcrafted and tactile before entire city landscapes are swallowed by uninspired homogeneity, "Sign Painters" is an affectionate look behind the curtains of the custom calligraphy and ornate beauty that comprise the trade. With dozens of sign painters as their subjects, co-directors Faythe Levine ("Handmade Nation") and Sam Macon provide an unprecedented glance at the process behind sign painting as well as its history: from the apocalyptic 1980s, when computers and die-cut vinyl lettering with its quick and cheap allure nearly brought the movement to its knees, to its thriving past and hopeful future."

This film would be good for the art students to go check out.

I know for myself I like to learn about other artists and art forms. I think it's cool how this film explores the history of sign painting. Hopefully I'll get to watch it another time!