Saturday, March 1, 2014

Workshop After School

On Tuesday 2/25, I went to a workshop called: "How to Develop Your Personal Brand: Professional Networking for the 21st Century". It was mainly about how to use social media to market or promote yourself or business to employer or potential clients. I learned a lot from attending it. There were some things I already knew, but I did discover new ways to use the social media sites. I can really get better at networking and showing my skills off more in my career field. I can build more connections and have those I communicate with become those who will recommend me for jobs. The speaker gave us websites to check out and see how we can use to brand ourselves. She showed videos about people who've use social media in creative ways to promote their skills. We were encourage to use Linkedin and also keep a blog. Many points I found very useful and plan on implementing so I can be successful in the future.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Arts and Technology: Responding to the 21st Century video

            After viewing this video, I found it very interesting how technology or digital media has affected museums. In some ways the positive impact is obvious, although the negative aspect of the growth of technology has caused museums to change in many ways. It’s not longer a “locative”, but now an all over the world experience. Where there was once a more physical experience, now there is an assertive push for people to see the real thing after seeing it online or in digital form. A lot of cost goes into maintaining museums which try to preserve art pieces and better the way there are showcased. In today’s digital world museum comes to us through videos online, social media, etc. I think it is the way most of us are used to seeing art works and learning about different artists.
 I thought it was a great concept brought about there tracking pieces and other things using WIFI and taking advantage of users groups, applications in order to create a better design experience. Everyone is on the internet and use to things being more interactive now. One of the speakers talked about now instead of trying to find out more about artists from all over, it is all online which makes information more accessible to everyone around world. Then just saying again how hopefully what people see digitally would encourage them to want to see in physical form.
            I never thought in depth before about the differences between technology and art. One point discussed was technology being a set of tools or an enabler of making some form of art. Art is communicating between people through various form of it. It deals with us as human beings affecting our emotions and causes us relate to one another. Digital tech is a means to an ends, the end that is human experience. Technology makes an idea fabricated or untouchable, but doesn’t mean it can’t help artistic or creative ideas into reality. Art is a handmade, authentic object. I would have to agree with what they’ve all said in the video. It caused me to think about the growth of this digital world affects me. Am I taking advantage of it or is it causing me to miss out on experiences I can only get by physically going to a museum or using the original ways of making art? There was a lot to take away from it, but I think in the end it is about finding that balance between art and tech that can benefit in many different ways for the artist, the viewer/audience, and where art can be found.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Center Stage Talent Show Event

I went to show support to some friends at this event, where I also saw talented I didn't know we had in this city. There was a Capoeria groups that did a mix of Afro-Brazillan martial arts and music and another group of Packour (like doing acrobatics) performers. They were amazing! Then there were a few singers, a poet, rapper, and a lovely group of dancers ages 65-81. I was so impressed by at the talented people. This event was to support St. Ann Center's Adopt-A Life Program which helps people of all ages in many different ways. I thought it was a great idea to put on this show that brought people from different walks of life. Every age group was present and the audience was very diverse. I had a great time.
For video of the performer's auditions go to

Photo: Wat im on tonight

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Open Mic Event

I haven't been yet, but I plan on going. So I'm posting this for anyone else who might be interested in going to it. 

 Every second Friday of the month 5:00 - 7:00PM
Express Yourself at the Studio: come share your talent.... poetry, song, dance, comedy...This open mic will be hosted by EYM, Darlin Nikki & Jahmes Finlayson with percussion & instrumentation....
Express Yourself Milwaukee Studio, on the corner of 34th and Lisbon
Free Event-
FREE to enter, FREE snacks, FREE hugs & smiles!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Digital Photo Slideshow Ideas

Where do I start?

I think I want to drive around the city and see what grabs my attention. I did contemplate finding and taking photos of different art forms around the city because everyday I something that inspires me and represents the city I was born in. there's statues, sculptures, graffiti, architecture, murals, etc all around that I think doesn't get a recognize in the way that is should and as much. I have also thought about obtaining images of diverse or blended families because am apart of one and I have other family and friends that are made of different ethnic backgrounds  and/or family structure.
So I'll keep brainstorming and see what I come up with for this project.

Dinner Party Invitation Concept

I'm usually good at figuring out what I want to do when a project is assigned, but for this invitation I couldn't think of anything at first. Eventually I decided I wanted to have a Vanilla/Chocolate Cocktail Party. It's different and I think a interesting concept to work with for the invitation. I want two different groups to attend this party and come together over foods and drinks related to vanilla and chocolate. I'm still working out certain details like what types of each flavor there is and how can I use that information in this process. I was told to think about: how and where these flavors came about, which do I choose to work with, do I combine the two (white chocolate)...
So I have more work to do and things to think about to I can get a concrete idea for this invite.
I see a group of people who represent vanilla (don't know what type/kind yet) and they come to this party and see those who represent chocolate. The two groups come together over things that are a combination of the two flavors/groups and get to know more about one another. Almost like a vanilla versus chocolate theme, but this party brings them together and make a harmonies gathering for the two.
Let's see where I go from here....

"A Culture of Evil" -Art Exhibition

Myself and a friend attended the opening reception for "A Culture of Evil" -Art Exhibition at school, that was done by our instructor Sarah Nitschke(who was there as well) and another artist. It was only us and then another classmate mate showed up. We took a quick look around first and then asked Sarah about the work and meaning behind the exhibit. She went into great detail and really gave a info to think about relate to the theme of evil in media, society, the rest of world,etc. Even though I thought I had a good perception of what "evil" is, looking at what was on display really opened my eyes to the reality that it is bigger and deeper than I assumed. The media is immerse with the whole concept of evil, society is filled with slurs that are usually used for malicious reasons, and in the world, not only in war, but countries feeling with leaders the killed their innocent in the most inhumane manner. This exhibit was really thought provoking and I learned a lot from it. It help that Sarah was there, hearing her views and getting to know her more as an artist. I did read her artist's statement and got into a discussion with her about my thoughts, which were similar to hers. I'm planning to go back again and look more into a book that was related to the slurs people say in society. I'm interested in seeing the meaning behind some of them and making sure I'm not saying those kinds of words/phrases to anyone I meet on a daily basis.