Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dinner Party Invitation Concept

I'm usually good at figuring out what I want to do when a project is assigned, but for this invitation I couldn't think of anything at first. Eventually I decided I wanted to have a Vanilla/Chocolate Cocktail Party. It's different and I think a interesting concept to work with for the invitation. I want two different groups to attend this party and come together over foods and drinks related to vanilla and chocolate. I'm still working out certain details like what types of each flavor there is and how can I use that information in this process. I was told to think about: how and where these flavors came about, which do I choose to work with, do I combine the two (white chocolate)...
So I have more work to do and things to think about to I can get a concrete idea for this invite.
I see a group of people who represent vanilla (don't know what type/kind yet) and they come to this party and see those who represent chocolate. The two groups come together over things that are a combination of the two flavors/groups and get to know more about one another. Almost like a vanilla versus chocolate theme, but this party brings them together and make a harmonies gathering for the two.
Let's see where I go from here....

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