Monday, February 24, 2014

The Arts and Technology: Responding to the 21st Century video

            After viewing this video, I found it very interesting how technology or digital media has affected museums. In some ways the positive impact is obvious, although the negative aspect of the growth of technology has caused museums to change in many ways. It’s not longer a “locative”, but now an all over the world experience. Where there was once a more physical experience, now there is an assertive push for people to see the real thing after seeing it online or in digital form. A lot of cost goes into maintaining museums which try to preserve art pieces and better the way there are showcased. In today’s digital world museum comes to us through videos online, social media, etc. I think it is the way most of us are used to seeing art works and learning about different artists.
 I thought it was a great concept brought about there tracking pieces and other things using WIFI and taking advantage of users groups, applications in order to create a better design experience. Everyone is on the internet and use to things being more interactive now. One of the speakers talked about now instead of trying to find out more about artists from all over, it is all online which makes information more accessible to everyone around world. Then just saying again how hopefully what people see digitally would encourage them to want to see in physical form.
            I never thought in depth before about the differences between technology and art. One point discussed was technology being a set of tools or an enabler of making some form of art. Art is communicating between people through various form of it. It deals with us as human beings affecting our emotions and causes us relate to one another. Digital tech is a means to an ends, the end that is human experience. Technology makes an idea fabricated or untouchable, but doesn’t mean it can’t help artistic or creative ideas into reality. Art is a handmade, authentic object. I would have to agree with what they’ve all said in the video. It caused me to think about the growth of this digital world affects me. Am I taking advantage of it or is it causing me to miss out on experiences I can only get by physically going to a museum or using the original ways of making art? There was a lot to take away from it, but I think in the end it is about finding that balance between art and tech that can benefit in many different ways for the artist, the viewer/audience, and where art can be found.

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