Saturday, March 1, 2014

Workshop After School

On Tuesday 2/25, I went to a workshop called: "How to Develop Your Personal Brand: Professional Networking for the 21st Century". It was mainly about how to use social media to market or promote yourself or business to employer or potential clients. I learned a lot from attending it. There were some things I already knew, but I did discover new ways to use the social media sites. I can really get better at networking and showing my skills off more in my career field. I can build more connections and have those I communicate with become those who will recommend me for jobs. The speaker gave us websites to check out and see how we can use to brand ourselves. She showed videos about people who've use social media in creative ways to promote their skills. We were encourage to use Linkedin and also keep a blog. Many points I found very useful and plan on implementing so I can be successful in the future.