Thursday, February 13, 2014

Center Stage Talent Show Event

I went to show support to some friends at this event, where I also saw talented I didn't know we had in this city. There was a Capoeria groups that did a mix of Afro-Brazillan martial arts and music and another group of Packour (like doing acrobatics) performers. They were amazing! Then there were a few singers, a poet, rapper, and a lovely group of dancers ages 65-81. I was so impressed by at the talented people. This event was to support St. Ann Center's Adopt-A Life Program which helps people of all ages in many different ways. I thought it was a great idea to put on this show that brought people from different walks of life. Every age group was present and the audience was very diverse. I had a great time.
For video of the performer's auditions go to

Photo: Wat im on tonight

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